Respect for nature
Residency of the gods
Holy, Cherishing, rocking
Sekimori Ishi Modern.
Sekimori Ishi (boundary-guard stone). According to ancient Zen tradition one or more stones are cross bound with twine and placed on paths in Japanese gardens. They signify in a clear and yet subtle way that the path is closed.
A 21st century interpretation of a 16th century Japanese tradition.  
For ‘Sekimori Ishi Modern’ 23 artists have been commissioned to replace the traditional materials (stone and twine) with alternative materials that demonstrate this ancient tradition in a modern way. Artists from Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands are displaying two or three modern interpretations of the Sekimori Ishi from within their own discipline; glass arts, ceramics, illustration, photography, sculpture and painting.
This sculpture was created for the SEKIMORI ISHI MODERN exhibition). In the period from September 2013 to September 2015, this international traveling exhibition was shown at several locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and France (
Traditional Sekimori ishi
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